4 Corners Band

Minneapolis Tight Harmonies

The 4 Corners is a story of four friends who met in Minneapolis at Corner Coffee Cafe and were part of the magic that happened every Saturday during the morning jam sessions. They became a quartet who bonded over their mutual love of music. Intrigued by the close harmonies they created while singing their favorite genres of music (such as R&B, Soul, Blues and Country) they created a distinctive and exciting sound that was felt by everyone who heard them sing. The decision was made to combine their talents and form their band-The 4 Corners.
Members Tony Ortiz (guitar, vocals), Rosa Gaona (vocals), Randy Wideman (guitar, vocals) and Cathy Pineiro (vocals) are all mainstays of the Minnesota music scene and together craft an infectious, soul-infused Americana. Tony Ortiz has thrilled audiences with his outstanding singing and heartfelt songs.  As lead singer of the Monroes in the 80s, you've heard Tony on the radio singing 'What Do All the People Know' or perhaps seen them touring with Rick Springfield or Toto.  Now in Minnesota, Tony can be seen fronting his band, the Guns of Soul, and now as part of the 4 Corners band. Rosa Gaona was one of the lead vocalist for the Power of 10 and is a member of the Guns of Soul. Rosa has been charming audiences across the Twin Cities for years. Her evocative performances showcase a seasoned musical intelligence. Randy Wideman is widely known as the leader and founding member of many of Minnesota-based bands, such as Tempest Teapot, Seaweeds and the Guns of Soul but he is also a songwriter. He has led numerous musical projects, where his masterful skills as a guitarist can be seen. Also, a veteran of the Twin Cities music scene, Cathy Pineiro is a singer and songwriter, who has collaborated on theater and dance projects with various local community/theater groups. Cathy is the lead singer for the band Latin Billies, which she and her husband founded. She is also part of a husband-and-wife duo - Cathy ‘n Abel (guitar and vocals) which perform at different venues around the Twin Cities.
Even though the 4 Corners was born as a cover band, the group's original material – R&B, alt-soul, blues-pop with a smattering of country – will quickly steal the spotlight. When the 4 Corners sing together, their voices – each with a distinctive timbre and complementary range – blend in a flavorful way, forming a soulful sound that is both distinctive and familiar.